Van Jones resigned last night.

My heart is heavy today.

Van is a personal friend and one of the most inspiring and effective visionaries of our time.

I am almost speechless about the right-wing racist attack machine. It’s jaw-dropping to see the venomous comments from hate-filled know-nothings all over the web, spreading lies and distortions, calling Van a "racist" and "avowed communist."

(Most of this "communist" nonsense comes from one paragraph in a highly problematic profile of Van from the East Bay Express a couple years ago, the point of which was how Van has moved far beyond his youthful radicalism, and embraced market-based solutions to ecological and social problems.)

I am disgusted, saddened and worried about our country.

The hypocrisy of the Republicans, the right and the media is overwhelming. Do I even have to mention how many right-wing office-holders have said things 10x worse than Van’s statements? Everything Van said was accurate, if occasionally provocative to a mainstream culture unaccustomed to critical thinking.

Van Jones is a hero, working for the well-being of all people. It is unimaginable to see him slandered as a "racist" by people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

I am proud to stand with Van and to call him a friend.

My heart is very heavy today.