Some of you might be interested in the writings of Tim Wise.

Several years ago I heard an amazing lecture by Wise, who is probably the most important white anti-racist activist of our time. Wise, who is Jewish, gave are very powerful and interesting critique of white supremacy, racism, and colonialism in the founding of Israel, and in Zionism.

About seven years ago I participated in a sit-in at the Federal Building in Oakland, and was arrested along with a couple dozen others demanding an end to U.S. funding of Israel’s military.

What would Dr. King say about U.S. tax dollars funding White Phosphorus bombs and the killing of children and other civilians in Gaza? Probably the same thing he would say about bus bombings, rocket attacks, anti-Semitism, and the whole circle of violence in the Middle East and elsewhere: It is tragic, immoral, and it has to stop.

What is happening is Gaza right now is truly heart-breaking. My prayers are with all the people of Israel and Palestine.

Here are some links to Tim Wise and some of his essays on Israel and Palestine and Zionism.