the Sun
incandescent sphere
permanent explosion
its core
pouring itself out for us
to a hamlet of planets
asteroids and comets
human trajectory
unfolds in this orbit
between wandering stars
and the invincible Sun

imagine when the heart of the Sun
goes supernova
instantly swallowing the distance
between us
the wet earth
a single tear
will finally merge with your fiery body

I’ve felt your heart beat
since the universe was plasma

ancient always new perpetual dawning
horizon of light
and arcing shadow
string of days and nights
primeval rhythm

the sky and the earth are lovers
who’ve been forced apart
earth yearns for the sky
clouds long to kiss ocean
mountains rise up with desire

Himalaya, Appalachia, Sierra, Shasta, Fuji, Kenya, Denali

the cosmos: a journey
the universe: longing

each human: a body of water

sunlight enters a drop of water
and disperses
into colors, sunlight
enters planet earth and species blossom

sacred secret

granite, sequoia, redwood, oak
salamander, condor, beetle

radiant Sun
earth your disciple
apostle with strange powers
to manifest the mystery

the changing moon: a triple goddess
silver bow of Artemis
full moon becomes
the goddess of the dark
among souls of the dead
announced by howling dogs
she dwells on tombs
and lonely places where two roads

every prophet
must make peace
with death

a sacred secret

imagine when your heart
goes supernova
blazing matter extending across 93 million
the wet earth
a singe tear
will finally merge with your fiery body

golden light in cobalt sky
illumination of spaciousness
blue like Krishna’s blue body
blue like the cosmos