MSNBC anchor, Tamron Hall, speaking to Egyptian opposition leader, Moustafa El Gindy, on Egyptian Independence Day:

Tamron Hall: You used the word ‘dream.’ Did you ever imagine this dream of the leadership being ousted there could actually happen in the hardest days that we’ve watched?

Moustafa El Gindy: Yes. Yes, I dreamed. Yes, I will keep on dreaming and I will teach my kids to dream. Yes, I was one of not-a-lot of people who still had hope. And I was telling them, ‘Believe in your country. Believe in your country.’ I will teach my kids to dream. Anybody that I will meet, I will tell them, ‘dream.’ Dream means you live. Dream is life. And we will dream. We are 5000 years old civilization and we are still dreaming, and we will keep on dreaming. Egypt is a dreamland. Like America is a dreamland, Egypt is a dreamland."

[News Nation with Tamron Hall, MSNBC, Feb. 11, 2011]