The right-wing is lying about Van Jones, and Glenn Beck is their Liar-in-Chief.

This is just the latest in a long series of attemtps to cynically swiftboat our discourse and our democracy. The untrustworthy folks who won’t hesitate to smear the service of veterans like Max Cleland and John Kerry, who claim that health insurance reform is a plot to kill grandma, and Obama is a foreigner with a fake birth certificate, are now spreading ridiculous lies about the White House advisor for Green Jobs, Van Jones.

Somebody should tell these clowns that their neo-McCarthy red-scare antics are wearing thin. The American people want ideas and vision, not lies, hysteria, and racist fear-mongering.

I’ve known Van Jones personally for the last ten years, and ideas and vision are what he’s all about. Van is quite simply a hero, committed to the well-being of all people.

To anyone who knows Van, and his work as a compassionate, visionary bridge-builder and leader, it would seem incredible that the Republican slime-slingers would attempt to slander him as a racist, communist, socialist, or whatever nonsense they’re spewing…but arrogant disregard for truth has become the Republicans’ only strategy. Why sweat facts when you’re committed to spreading fear, and attempting to play the American people for suckers and fools?

In the last few days, right-wing dittoheads have been flooding websites with comments describing Van Jones as a "racist," and "avowed communist." These charges are simply false. The people passing along these lies don’t know Van and don’t know what they’re talking about.

It is laughable to see these ludicrous claims that my friend of ten years "hates white people."

(Apparently, noticing or mentioning the history of racism is all it takes to be accused of hating white people.)

We progressives must stand strong when our allies and leaders are maliciously maligned. The unscrupulous mendacity of the right wing must be challenged and refuted.

Van Jones is working to create jobs for Americans of every race and background. He is a loving father, and a person of immense integrity. I am honored to stand with Van Jones in his work to build a green economy, and deeply grateful to call Van Jones my friend.