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love letter to the milky way is a slim volume of poems that could change your life. In this book, Drew Dellinger takes us on a beautiful journey into the emerging new universe story, with all its glory and suffering, mystery and meaning. Dellinger’s poetry and performances have captivated tens of thousands across six continents, and his poems have been quoted and cited in venues ranging from classrooms, to prison workshops, to climate change hearings before the U. S. Congress. Reaching from the far ends of the Milky Way to the inner depths of the soul, Drew’s poetry is both a call to beauty and a call to action. Let these poems feed your head and heart, and inspire your revolution.


“Drew Dellinger is one of the most creative, courageous and prophetic poets of his generation. I love his spirit. Don’t miss him!”
– Cornel West

“Drew Dellinger is a deep and courageous poet. How lucky we are!”
– Alice Walker

“Drew’s poetry catapults us out of the sleep of conditionality. It is a clarion call that reawakens our primordial memory that we are made of the stuff of stars, along with our responsibility to care, ever so tenderly and passionately, for the cosmic majesty with which we have been entrusted.”
– Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation~Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential

“Drew Dellinger is one of the most inspired poets of his generation and a troubadour for all who seek a world of justice, generosity, compassion and peace.”
– Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor Tikkun and Chair, The Network of Spiritual Progressives

“The poetry of Drew Dellinger is in the tradition of Walt Whitman with his panoramic eroticism but it’s amped up even higher with the electricity from hip hop and the unquenchable passion of a Martin Luther King Jr., and the cosmic serenity of an Albert Einstein. When you’re in the mood to have a torch put to your soul, Drew’s the man.”
-Brian Swimme, author of The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos

“These poems are alive, kinetic, wily, as in artful, witty, wonderful sonic blasts, messengers of transformation. I am grateful for this young and powerful voice among us.”
-Susan Griffin, author of Woman and Nature

“Drew Dellinger has the Gift.”
-Richard Tarnas, author of The Passion of the Western Mind

“Drew Dellinger is a national treasure. His poems for global justice bring light to these leaden times, helping us to see and defend the beauty of our world. His spoken word performances are exquisite in their intelligence and artistry: Setting the political challenges we face within the grandeur of our unfolding universe, they ignite both our wonder and our will.”
-Joanna Macy, author of Coming Back to Life

“Drew Dellinger is mystic and prophet calling us to be the same and thus to be sane…again. He knows the stakes that our species is playing with at this perilous time in planetary and cultural history.”
-from the foreword by Matthew Fox, author of Original Blessing

“There is both grandeur and intimacy in these poems of Drew Dellinger. We are children of the Milky Way, children of a mythic magical world wonderful beyond our dreams. Drew Dellinger brings us graciously into these experiences with the quiet yet insistent rhythms of his verse.”
-from the foreword by Thomas Berry, author of The Great Work and The Dream of the Earth

“Drew Dellinger is a master wordsmith who reframes the environmental movement in the vastness of cosmology.”
– Leonora Oppenheim, Treehugger blog, London, UK

“Drew Dellinger is one of the most respected and admired performers in the field of deep ecology / awakening / planetary work.”
– Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transition Town movement

“In a war-ravaged world, Drew Dellinger’s poetry is a balm in Gilead. His unwavering commitment to truth telling and bearing witness is what the best of the prophetic tradition is made of. He is the poet laureate of the global democracy movement.”
– Reverend Osagyefo Sekou

“One of the important voices of the global justice movement.”
– YES! magazine

“Drew is the Earth’s grapevine, the transcendent delivery man, the vocable giver, the dispatcher of the unremembered, the confabulating oath keeper, the stand-in for the intimate grief that holds us in thrall. His poems are bodies of light seen by startled new eyes and long after he speaks they weave the unconscious, stitching us to our collective and uncertain future.”
– Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest and The Ecology of Commerce

“One single word planted in the Mystery and Magic of the Cosmos can grow miracles and healing or destroy entire ecosystems of life. We are so fortunate that Drew Dellinger plants truth with such clarity, beauty, and power. Our world is a better place for his words and work in it.”
– Julia Butterfly Hill, activist and author of The Legacy of Luna