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Yeah, cosmology's dope; but have you tried cosmogony?

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"Natural order provides the foundation for much of everyday moral thinking, and the origins of natural order can be invoked to justify the choice of one way of acting over another. We are not surprised by such arguments in the Homeric literature... nor by reports that link cosmogony and ethics in the traditional cultures of the Andes and highland Guatemala... We are, however, less prepared to see the impact of cosmogonic beliefs on the moral systems of our own society, both in popular thought and in theoretical reflection."

--Robin W. Lovin and Frank E. Reynolds (1985)

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Drew Dellinger

Drew Dellinger is a speaker, poet, writer, teacher, and founder of Planetize the Movement. He has inspired minds and hearts at over 1000 events around the planet, performing poetry and keynoting on justice, ecology, cosmology, activism, democracy and compassion.
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"After having lived 12 years in California (as a Swedish native), it took your 'Mountaintop Vision' event for me to get it; to get the pervasive and systemic and deep-rooted reality of racism in the US. Or to at least touch a sliver of understanding."
- M. Bengston

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