"Crompton argues that environmentalists need to do more to challenge the individualistic worldview in their campaign work…. The research coming out of Yale’s Cultural Cognition Project…has found that a major determinant of whether a person rejects the scientific consensus on climate change is whether they have a strongly ‘hierarchical’ or ‘individualistic’ worldview…78 per cent of subjects who display an ‘egalitarian’ and ‘communitarian’ worldview believe that most scientists agree climate change is happening (which is true) – compared with only 19 per cent of those with a ‘hierarchical’ and ‘individualist’ worldview.

For me, it follows from this that part of being an effective environmentalist is trying to win more people over to a worldview in line with the laws of physics and chemistry, rather than offering shopping advice and touting ‘market-based solutions."

–Naomi Klein (NY Times, December 7, 2011)