Romney’s pick for Vice-Presidential nominee is coming up, so I thought I’d dust off some free advice I offered to the GOP nearly TWO MONTHS BEFORE they made the worst VP pick in modern history. A pick so awful that movies have been made about it. After hearing "boy-genius" William Kristol float the Governor of Alaska for McCain’s VP, I made the following blog post on July 2, 2008. (I literally did not know Palin’s name at the time.)

I think "bemused" is the word for what I feel as I sense Romney heading for the same mistake, especially post-Palin (!). Remember folks, there’s only one qualification for VP: be ready to be POTUS. I call it the Heartbeat Test. Who thinks Jindal or Ryan are ready to be president? Only a fool picks a VP who’s not ready to be president.


In my mind Pawlenty and Condi Rice are the only names floated so far that might (arguably) pass the Heartbeat Test.

Anyway, here’s the blog entry I posted on July 2, 2008:

"Weird Suggestions for McCain’s VP"

"I don’t understand why some commentators keep floating names for McCain’s VP that don’t rise to the ONLY QUALIFICATION that is a prerequisite for VP: "The Heartbeat Away Test."

Does anybody think that Bobby Jindal is ready to be President of the United States? Or the Gov. of Alaska, who Bill Kristol suggested for VP?

This is of course exponentially more important for McCain, who is so old he turned George Burns on to cigars."

–Drew Dellinger 

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