I think most Americans would not know right off the bat the meaning of the phrase "false flag" operation. But without this concept, it can hard to understand key moments in history, and impossible to understand the controversies surrounding events such as the US-Mexican War, the sinking of the Maine, the Reichstag fire, the Tonkin Gulf incident, and the attacks of September 11, 2001. (See also the planning for "Operation Northwoods".)

In light of this history, this story about experienced Republican political operative–in what he thought would always remain a private email message to Gov. Scott Walker–calling for a "false flag" "assassination attempt" on said Governor, should be seen for what it is: A BIG DEAL.



And while the proposed "attack" would have been staged, let us be clear that the assault on truth, the attack on democracy, the assassination of veracity is all too real.

This proposal is nothing short of an illegal, full-scale attack on the constitutional and democratic rights of the all the Americans in the pro-Union movement in WI and beyond. The proposal is a facistic and tyrannical attack on American’s basic right to organize, protest, speak, and seek to improve their nation.