I went to basketball camp only once (as anyone who’s seen me play can attest), and though I bleed Carolina blue, I did indeed go to Duke Basketball Camp in 1980, which was the first project of newly hired, yet-to-win-a-game-at-Duke, Coach K. He was a bit of a hard-nose, which is typical for a coach, but amplified by his Army, Coach Knight lineage. Overall, he seemed passionate about life and basketball.

In one pick up game I brought the ball up court and dished to Coach K on the right–he was balling in those ridiculous nylon ‘coaches’ shorts–who pulled up for a smooth, if stiff, jumper, all net. As we ran down court he pointed at me (a Tarheel move) and said, "nice pass."

So on the occasion of Coach K’s 1000th win, I’d like to say first, congratulations, and while, as a Tarheel fan, I can’t say that I like the dude, (though the Jimmy V documentary actually made me like him for a second), I’m deeply thankful to Coach K for creating a program that has pushed the Duke-Carolina rivalry to new heights. May it continue to be among the best in all of sports.

Go Heels.