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Review of Drew in Canada, by James Wells

Drew Dellinger was Amazing!

My friend Jeannette and I took the train to Guelph on Friday and spent time with our friends Eimear and Ed in Fergus.  On Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed being in the presence of poet, activist, and teacher Drew Dellinger

Both times, Drew talked about the cosmology of Thomas Barry, the universe story as we now understand it, and enthralled us with his passionate and cosmically rooted poetry.  Friday included references to the later work of Martin Luther King Jr.  Saturday’s session also saw us do some creative writing activities with Drew.  The thrust of our time with him was that cosmology, ecology, and social justice are all united.  What a society believes about the origins of all things influences how it treats all things.  Drew is personable, smart, and engaging.  Do see/hear him if you can.  He’ll make you think and maybe even act.

On Sunday morning, before leaving E and E’s place, I wrote a journal entry in which I asked myself, “What is the most valuable thing I take away from my time with Drew Dellinger?” and responded:

I come away with a deeper awareness that everything/everyone is an incarnation of the Great Flaring Forth or Primordial Flaring Forth; therefore, every being (both human and more-than-human) is worthy of respect and celebration.  Every being took billions of years to become what it/she/he is, and that merits reverence and praise.

–James Wells


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