On Saturday I met Cynthia and Angela in the parking lot of Bed, Bath & Beyond, so I coud give them 15 copies of my poetry book, love letter to the milky way, to take inside San Quentin State Prison.

Angela has been facilitating workshops at San Quentin for a while, and her work is amazing. Cynthia is a super-rad visionary activist from Borneo who occaisionally visits the workshop.

Cynthia shared some of my poems with the guys, and afterwards one of them asked for the book. As she was contemplating leaving her personally signed copy, a couple of the other gentlemen said they wanted one too. So she said she would bring some when she returned.

I’m glad to have the books inside. I hope the power of poetry can serve as an amulet of peace and creativity, even inside the California State Prison system, which has so often served as a contemporary expression of white supremacy and classist oppression as it shape-shifts through history.


Click here for info on the Ella Baker Center’s Books Not Bars campaign.