Change the World View, Change the World

"We need to build a movement that connects ecology, social justice and cosmology using the power of dream, story, art and action."

Sep. 14


— Evening event: “A Cosmology of Connection,” keynote speech and poetry reading

Sep. 15


— One-day workshop: “The Poetic Cosmos: Awakening Imagination & Creativity through Poetry, Writing and Spoken Word”

Sep. 21-25


— Five-day Intensive Course: “A Cosmology of Connection: Worldview, Ecology, Justice, and Creativity." A one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore these topics in depth.

Sep. 26-27

LONDON - Plant Consciousness conference

— Joining an incredible line-up of presenters, Drew will read poetry on Saturday, and throughout, and speak on Sunday.


For date and location specifics, please see above. For general tour questions, please contact [email protected].

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