what people are saying about drew dellinger

"Drew Dellinger is one of the most creative, courageous and prophetic poets of his generation. I love his spirit. Don't miss him!"
    - Cornel West

"Drew Dellinger is a deep and courageous poet. How lucky we are!"
    - Alice Walker

"The poetry of Drew Dellinger is in the tradition of Walt Whitman with his panoramic eroticism but it's amped up even higher with the electricity from hip hop and the unquenchable passion of a Martin Luther King Jr., and the cosmic serenity of an Albert Einstein. When you're in the mood to have a torch put to your soul, Drew's the man."
    - Brian Swimme, author of The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos

"These poems are alive, kinetic, wily, as in artful, witty, wonderful sonic blasts, messengers of transformation. I am grateful for this young and powerful voice among us."
    - Susan Griffin, author of Woman and Nature

"Drew Dellinger has the Gift."
    - Richard Tarnas, author of The Passion of the Western Mind

"Drew Dellinger is a national treasure. His poems for global justice bring light to these leaden times, helping us to see and defend the beauty of our world. His spoken word performances are exquisite in their intelligence and artistry: Setting the political challenges we face within the grandeur of our unfolding universe, they ignite both our wonder and our will."
    - Joanna Macy, author of Coming Back to Life

"Drew Dellinger is mystic and prophet calling us to be the same and thus to be sane...again. He knows the stakes that our species is playing with at this perilous time in planetary and cultural history."
    - Matthew Fox, author of Original Blessing

"There is both grandeur and intimacy in these poems of Drew Dellinger. We are children of the Milky Way, children of a mythic magical world wonderful beyond our dreams. Drew Dellinger brings us graciously into these experiences with the quiet yet insistent rhythms of his verse."
    - Thomas Berry, author of The Great Work and The Dream of the Earth

"Drew Dellinger is a master wordsmith who reframes the environmental movement in the vastness of cosmology."
    - Leonora Oppenheim, Treehugger blog, London, UK

"Thomas Berry insisted on the over-arching importance of spreading the epic version of the universe story as our new creation myth, and Thomas insisted that we couldn't leave this vital work of cultural therapy to scientists but must enlist the artists, musicians and poets. Well Drew Dellinger was among the first to answer this call and certainly among the most talented and effective. I can't speak highly enough of the quality of both the work and his delivery."
    - John Seed, Australia, rainforest activist and co-author of Thinking Like a Mountain

"Drew Dellinger is one of the most respected and admired performers in the field of deep ecology / awakening / planetary work."
    - Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transition Town movement

"In a war-ravaged world, Drew Dellinger's poetry is a balm in Gilead. His unwavering commitment to truth telling and bearing witness is what the best of the prophetic tradition is made of. He is the poet laureate of the global democracy movement."
    - Reverend Osagyefo Sekou

"One of the important voices of the global justice movement."
    - YES! magazine

"Drew is the Earth's grapevine, the transcendent delivery man, the vocable giver, the dispatcher of the unremembered, the confabulating oath keeper, the stand-in for the intimate grief that holds us in thrall. His poems are bodies of light seen by startled new eyes and long after he speaks they weave the unconscious, stitching us to our collective and uncertain future."
    - Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest and The Ecology of Commerce

"One single word planted in the Mystery and Magic of the Cosmos can grow miracles and healing or destroy entire ecosystems of life. We are so fortunate that Drew Dellinger plants truth with such clarity, beauty, and power. Our world is a better place for his words and work in it."
    - Julia Butterfly Hill, activist and author of The Legacy of Luna

"Dellinger is an electrifying, cosmopoetic presence as he whirls through galaxies, cuts across time, spirals into subatomic structures, stops on a nanosecond, rhymes and listens. Listen--he's crossing M.L. King with Thomas Berry, Teilhard de Chardin with hip hop. His great-great-grandchildren speak to him in dreams that will make your heart stop."
    - China Galland, author of Love Cemetery, Unburying the Secret History of Slaves

(Statement by a Member of Congress to former Vice President Al Gore, during Gore's testimony at Congressional climate change hearings, April 24, 2009.) "I want to relate to your struggle a few moments ago to come up with the right words to define this moment. Because we're all talking and asking questions based on the concerns that our current constituents raise with us about this measure. And I wonder, what if the future generations had a voice? And if people living in our districts in 2080, or 2090, could speak to us now, what would they be saying? I'll give you one piece of poetry, actually, that I think brings it up pretty well, by a fellow named Drew Dellinger. He says, 'it's 3:23 in the morning/ and I'm awake/ because my great great grandchildren/ won't let me sleep/ my great great grandchildren/ ask me in dreams/ what did you do while the planet was plundered?/ what did you do when the earth was unraveling?'"
    - Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin

"Drew's poetry catapults us out of the sleep of conditionality. It is a clarion call that reawakens our primordial memory that we are made of the stuff of stars, along with our responsibility to care, ever so tenderly and passionately, for the cosmic majesty with which we have been entrusted."
    - Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation~Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential

"Drew Dellinger is one of the most inspired poets of his generation and a troubadour for all who seek a world of justice, generosity, compassion and peace."
    - Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor Tikkun and Chair, The Network of Spiritual Progressives

"Drew Dellinger is like a shooting star from some distant galaxy sent to help us hold a vision of hope and possibility during these times. His voice and his vision are prophetic."
    - Belvie Rooks, Co-Founder, Growing a Global Heart

"Thank you for the exceptional contribution you made to the development of the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium. It's hard to imagine the direction we would have taken and the end we would have arrived at had you not crossed our path however many months ago. It isn't just the information you shared with us about Thomas Berry's work; it's the way you have internalized it and woven it into your own soul that made it so potent, and in the end, caused us to revise the entire Symposium based on the principles he identified and that you shared so eloquently. Your work with the interviews was nothing short of inspired. In addition to helping us connect with the right people to use, your skill both in creating thoughtful questions and then engaging the interviewees was masterful. Drew, you have been a team player par excellence. It was a privilege and pleasure to work with you."
    - Bill Twist and Tracy Apple, The Pachamama Alliance and the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium

"Drew was so down to earth. He reached all the people here at the school. We had such a mix of audience and he reached them all--parents, teachers, clinicians, support staff and students of many ages...I think every single person went away with something. What a fabulous speaker! I loved it! It was so great that Drew was able to give something to everyone."
    - Sonia McDonald, Youth Talk and the Canadian Mental Health Association

"Drew Dellinger's well-known poem, 'hieroglyphic stairway,' has become an iconic work of art for the ecology and social justice movements."
    - Felicia Chavez, blogger

"It was beyond wonderful. Drew was phenomenal."
    - Workshop participant, Esalen 2010

"Went beyond my imagination! Drew brought a well-organized workshop, sharing his insanely gifted writing, immense world/literary knowledge and dedication to Thomas Berry and the topic of cosmology. This felt imperative to my journey toward full awareness...I loved putting words on paper, unleashing my closet writer!
    - Workshop participant, Esalen 2010

"Inspiring; eye opening. Drew has amazing command of a wide breadth of information."
    - Workshop participant, Esalen 2010

"Beautiful, thoughtful, info packed, historical and inspirational. I loved Drew's grasp of all the topics. Excellent workshop!!"
    - Workshop participant, Esalen 2010

"Drew is a wonderful leader; brilliant, approachable, funny. I learned a lot that will continue to ripple out."
    - Workshop participant, Esalen 2010

"Drew Dellinger just schooled me. He consulted on an upcoming major art commission I am debuting in the aquarium at California Academy of Sciences. He broke down and then synthesized the cosmological, physical and spiritual aspects of water in a voice that was at once warm, scholarly and divine. WHAT WHATTT!!!"
    - Jessica Tully, artist

"Holy Amazing Book, Drew! LOVED it more than any ever. Just ordered eight. I hope you have plenty in stock. You're going to need them."
    - Jenny Wagner, Ontario, Canada

"Your work is so incredibly important and I am in full alignment with your message. I have been around many poets and I believe you are one of the most important voices out there now!"
    - Terri Glass, Program Director, California Poets in the Schools

"Drew Dellinger is the Jack Kerouac of our time."
    - Jenny Simon

"That should be the world's national anthem, the world's global anthem."
    - Rachel Kohn, Australian National Public Radio, on Drew Dellinger's poem, "Word to the Mother"

"I have carried your book of poems around with me for months. Reading your words daily. They have brought me many dreams and clarity. I quote you and spread your voice."
    - high school student, Canada

"I'm a facilitator for the Pachamama Alliance. Just rolled out the Symposium in India. One of their favorite parts is YOUR poem!"
    - Barb Galyen, Awakening the Dreamer facilitator

"I have to say the CD is really tight. Drew's presentation weaves genius poetics with jaw-dropping lecture segments outlining the synergy between the cosmological worldview and life's work of Martin Luther King Jr. and the incomparable Thomas Berry. You CANNOT find this anywhere else in all of art or academia. Get the book and the CD...and listen to a few poems, then the lectures, and then read some more poems!!!!"
    - Stephan Snider, Oakland Venue Management

"I'm a 'Be The Change' facilitator in Germany and deeply ignited. Thank you for your perfect work for these times."
    - Lauretta Hickman

"such a treat going through your website. it's a total treasure box, a lilting planetarium for the political set, a soft-shelled skool for the rest. beautiful."
    - Maya Jundis Hackett

"Drew's ability to evoke leadership potential in vulnerable youth is beyond comparison."
    - Laura-May Culver, MA, MSW, school social worker

"I love what you draw out of me through your work, these reconnections that make my eyes well up with tears. It is like you hold my hand walking through the graveyard to get to the other side. SO grateful."
    - Shannon Lee Gilmour

"Social justice is an indispensable component of sustainability, and Drew Dellinger is the most eloquent spokesperson I know for this."
    - Vinit Allen, Executive Director, Sustainable World Coalition

"Drew, I am a fan of your website, your poetry, and your gentle, rational philosophy."
    - Sara Bruxner, Australia

"Drew is one of my heroes. No matter how many times I present the Awakening The Dreamer symposium, I am always moved by Drew and I love all his other poems on the site. All of ATD is deeply moving to me and Drew's words are, well, I don't have the words to describe what they mean to me and so many more. We are so fortunate to have him!!"
    - Thomas Thompson

"I came across some notes from the poetry writing workshop you held with us here in Brisbane back in December of 2009 and I remembered what a masterful teacher you are."
    - Fiona Kem Leiper, Australia

"Drew, you're a genius holy man. Thank you for what you're doing for planet and cosmos."
    - Marguerite Rigoglioso, author and teacher

"I follow @drewdellinger because he's one of the best poets on twitter."
    - Ken Homer, founder, Collaborative Conversations

"Like all movements, [the Occupy movement] struggles, at times, to get its message heard by the media--to clarify what it's about. And I've never seen a better and more beautiful rendering of the heart of the message than my dear friend Drew Dellinger's video below. Drew is an extraordinary poet and spoken word artist whose work seeks to bridge the worlds of social justice and environmental sustainability."
    - Tad Hargrave, founder, Marketing for Hippies

"Drew, your video gave me goosebumps."
    - Kathleen McLeod

"One of my favourite poetry books."
    - James Wells, Canada

"My aunt got me your new book for Hanukkah. I wanted to tell you that your poetry is inspiring, heart-opening, and gave me chills throughout."
    - Rachel Kaya

"Thank you, Drew, for bringing us closer to the heart of the Cosmos herself. You do more than you know to give us the words to express our longing."
    - Bob Sauerbrey

"A friend of mine turned me on to your poetry, a year or so ago. Your work is stunning, and it shakes me to my core."
    - Jason Simpson

"I love love love your inspirational poetry, your tone, your wisdom, your courage. Thanks for all you do!"
    - Janna Waldinger, artist and author

"I think 'hieroglyphic stairway' is an iconic poem of our whole time and generation."
    - Terry Patten, author, teacher, consultant

"Just heard a wonderful interview with my favorite poet, Drew Dellinger."
    - Alana Lea, founder, Rainforest ECObank

"One of My Great Teachers!"
    - Tezkratt Annette, Denmark

"Your words are amazing. I love them as much as Rumi's words. Much love, light, and inspiration in them... Your leadership and inspiration are very powerful."
    - Michaela O'Driscoll, Capetown, South Africa

"I am a huge admirer of your work."
    - Sustainable Man, www.sustainableman.org

"This is wonderful, Drew. I've shared it widely (unusual for me). I've watched three times and I always pop."
    - brad45c, on Drew Dellinger's video with Velcrow Ripper

"What a brilliant sensitive poet Drew Dellinger is. I am so grateful he is with us in our battle to Occupy Our Lives!"
    - Lakshmi Kerner, on Drew Dellinger's video with Velcrow Ripper

"These are the messages and words we have been longing to hear. These are the words that now must be said, over and over, spread far and wide."
    - noxtwilight, on Drew Dellinger's video with Velcrow Ripper

"I've had the life-changing pleasure of hearing Drew Dellinger perform his work in person. Since I first heard him recite 'hieroglyphic stairway' in person in 2008, it has become the context which frames everything that I do. And that was four years ago! Love Letter to the Milky Way will certainly rock your world. And just wait until he unleashes his dissertation work onto the masses!!!"
    - Eric Reynolds

"Your 'Rumi' is one of the first poems I ever learned by heart."
    - Tesa Silvestre

"One of my favorite poets."
    - Marilyn Daniels, Toronto, Canada

"Your poetry is breathtaking. A gift to the world."
    - Nancy McCloskey

"Drew's performances were so powerful we had students and guests returning for a second event! Literally standing room only."
    - Dr. Ann Heekin, professor, Iona College

"Our campus loved your performances!"
    - @ionacollege

"People need to check out Drew Dellinger. He's deep. I love my college; we get the hottest speakers!"
    - Ashley Michelle, student, Iona College

"I LOVE your work and am a high school English teacher. I have shared some of your poetry with my kids with profound results."
    - Stephanie Santagada, teacher

"2011 Book of the Year Award Finalist"
    - ForeWord Reviews magazine, on Love Letter to the Milky Way, by Drew Dellinger

"Loved loved loved the cosmology and worldview of MLK today, Drew!"
    - Meg O'Shaugnessy

"One of the great poets of our time."
    - Lynne Twist, co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, author of The Soul of Money

"I was absolutely crying when Drew Dellinger read his poem."
    - Tarra Christoff

"I recognized right away that your vision is what we call a 'golden revelation.' It's a game-changer."
    - Dr. Barbara Fields, Co-founder, The Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence, on Drew Dellinger's "The Mountaintop Vision: Martin Luther King's Cosmology of Connection"

"After having lived 12 years in California (as a Swedish native), it took your 'Mountaintop Vision' event for me to get it; to get the pervasive and systemic and deep-rooted reality of racism in the US. Or to at least touch a sliver of understanding."
    - M. Bengston

"I'm still reeling from Drew Dellinger's Mountaintop Vision, a symposium on MLK's social and cosmological views. It was an absolutely beautiful, enriching and enlivening evening. I am deeply excited about Drew's forthcoming book!"
    - Theo Badashi

"Drew Dellinger is one of my favorite modern poets."
    - Geoffrey Young

"Your interview and poem in The Journey of the Universe educational series is just the best -- beautiful and powerful. I show it to my students."
    - Glenys Livingstone, Australia

"Every time I hear Drew Dellinger say something, he speaks truth from a very deep place."
    - Marie Goodwin

"You just brought the house down! The whole studio was absolutely stunned by you!"
    - Sunny Chayes, radio host, Universal Broadcasting Network

"He took my breath away."
    - Sommer Joy Albertsen

"One of my favorite contemporary poets."
    - Dr. Susan Rubin

"Drew Dellinger never fails to amaze me."
    - @westquiet

"Deeply appreciating your work over time: your mythopoetic activations at the cellular level that ignite the larger stories of species evolution Earth, Cosmos and Social Justice."
    - Sarah Drew, author, Gaia Codex

"One of my favorite contemporary ecological thinkers."
    - Kathleen Kennedy

"One of the most powerful poems of our times."
    - Tarra Christoff, on "hieroglyphic stairway"

"So great to hear Drew Dellinger speak tonight. One of the most engaging presenters I've seen."
    - Kevin Aschenbrenner

"You were absolutely captivating, Drew. The people of Bristol thank you!"
    - Guy Reid, filmmaker

"Follow @drewdellinger. He knows what MLK is still telling us."
    - Dave Hampton, UK

"One of the best eco-philosophers in present day!"
    - Pamela Reid

"One of my favourite poets - if you like your poetry edgy with a bit of grit..."
    - David Partridge, London, UK

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