Here’s a link to an article, "Examining our place and role on earth," from the Guelph Mercury newspaper in Ontario. The reporter came to see Drew’s evening presentation in Guelph, one of the stops on Drew’s Canada Tour in March.


"Recently I saw American poet Drew Dellinger speak in Guelph. His poetry combines cosmology and ecology in a way that forces us to wake up to the environmental destruction we have created. His work is influenced by writers like Berry. The story of the universe, Dellinger tells, has been understood in a physical, scientific approach with little relevance placed on any sacred meaning to the wondrous magnificence of the universe unfolding. Our story, he says, is one of human supremacy that separates us from each other and the other species on the planet. This story has allowed us to dominate and control nature because we see this as our human right that deems us superior. It is these beliefs that have created the current ecological crisis."