I’m excited to be part of this series being offered by my dear brother, Ryan Eliason. Ryan is a visionary, a coach, an entrepreneur, a change-maker, and the co-founder of Youth for Environmental Sanity. Join us for this free tele-series with an AMAZING group of wise and dynamic visionary leaders!

I am thrilled to invite you to the 2011 Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series, an opportunity to receive guidance from 39 of the world’s most accomplished visionary leaders and conscious business mentors – all for free!

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This truly unique global tele-series will inspire and empower you to think bigger, strategize better, and make the contribution you’re capable of making.

I am honored to share the stage with some of my personal heroes, NY Times #1 best-selling authors, self-made entrepreneurs, and global visionaries such as Van Jones, Lynne Twist, John Robbins, Ocean Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Nina Simons, Julia Butterfly Hill, Bruce Lipton, Kimmie Weeks and more inspiring pioneers of social change.

Please join us and discover how these people came up with brilliant ideas, and against all odds, succeeded at creating humanitarian products, services, and organizations that are transforming the world.

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Drew Dellinger,

Planetize the Movement

P.S. You will leave with numerous valuable strategies you can implement right away, including the latest thinking on: social change, green marketing, conscious marketing, mission-based business, online movement building, client attraction, book authoring and marketing, branding, niching, outsourcing, generating a mindset for success, the blueprint for launching a social enterprise, standing out on the web, attracting a global following, building a financially-successful enterprise, product launch formulas, time management secrets, social media strategies, leading fundraising methods, and more to help you triple your bottom line – people, planet, and profit!

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