It’s telling that Rebuplican congressman, Rep. Roger Williams, thinks "patriot" means "opportunist."

He equates the two terms in the first five seconds of this campaign ad.

Dictionary definitions of "Opportunist" include:

"a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans"


"someone who tries to get an advantage or something valuable from a situation without thinking about what is fair or right."

When Rep. Williams and his staffers find their missing dictionary, maybe they can look up "unintentionally" and "revealing."


UPDATE 7/26/14: My apologies: When I posted this yesterday, I didn’t realize that this ad is several years old. I assumed it was new, and therefore more newsworthy, because I saw it posted on Facebook yesterday. That was silly of me. I should have checked the date. I don’t know if the campaign or candidate were ever asked about their misuse and misunderstanding of the word "opportunist," though with 2 million views on Youtube, I imagine it was picked up on and asked about.