The astronomer-priests of the Dogon [of Mali] had for centuries, it seems, a very modern view of our solar system and of the universe–the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, the spiral structure of the Milky Way Galaxy….They knew also of things far in advance of their time, intricate details about a star which no one can see except with the most powerful of telescopes. They not only saw it. They observed or intuited its mass and its nature. They plotted its orbit almost up until the year 2,000. And they did all this between five and seven hundred years ago.
–Ivan Van Sertima, Blacks in Science: Ancient and Modern

Life is both nonsensical and significant….Only the ununderstandable has significance.

–Carl Jung

The great work [of art] is like a dream which…does not interpret itself…No dream says "Thou shalt" or "This is the truth"; it presents a picture, the way nature lets a plant grow, and it is up to us to draw conclusions from it.
–Carl Jung

I think matter is extremely alive and spiritual in the deepest sense.
–Mary Daly