The Total Thrust is Global Justice

November 26, 2008

Footage from Drew's poetry performance at The Dream Reborn conference in Memphis, Tennessee, on the 40th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination, April 4, 2008.

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3 comments for "The Total Thrust is Global Justice"

lela says:
February 16, 2010 at 10:51 AM

for my country its new, new view of democracy

mavis Nickels says:
April 19, 2010 at 05:39 PM

Drew, you say so beautifully what we at the Village Ecosystem and at Workfoo truly believe and are striving to live. We are posting this on our facebook: (hope you will visit it!) Listening to you at an Awakening the Dreamer symposium was like hearing an echo from my own heart and soul. The Universe is truly awakening, and so many people from so many places are moving, moving, moving. It is now!

heidi says:
November 20, 2011 at 02:13 PM

The de-commodification of art will lead to the de-commodification of people. Your example in this is powerful.

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what people are saying about drew

"I have to say the CD is really tight. Drew's presentation weaves genius poetics with jaw-dropping lecture segments outlining the synergy between the cosmological worldview and life's work of Martin Luther King Jr. and the incomparable Thomas Berry. You CANNOT find this anywhere else in all of art or academia. Get the book and the CD...and listen to a few poems, then the lectures, and then read some more poems!!!!"
- Stephan Snider, Oakland Venue Management

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