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Quote of the Day: On Myth

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"Myths grow like crystals, according to their own, recurrent pattern; but there must be a suitable core to start their growth. Mediocrities or cranks have no myth-generating power; they may create a fashion, but it soon peters out."

--Arthur Koestler (1959)

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annemarie borg says:
August 02, 2011 at 06:11 AM

Human weaknesses and lethargy feed on Myths and inadequate beliefs...Often unfortunately they do not peter out but are the cause of dysfunctional societies. ex: -we humans are "superior" and central in the balance of Nature on this planet...We are only important from the negative effect we have on it. -we need meat to survive hence slaughter animals for their flesh...etc... -Animal experimentation is the only alternative to human testing…! etc... http://informal4u.com/lectures/animal-rights/

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